July 25, 2004

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and Direct Deposit of CJA Payments

It is my understanding that the CJA Payment system at the Administrative Office of the United States Courts has built-in capability for payments via direct deposit to CJA panel attorneys. In other words, all the AO needs is the will to make it work, and the information from counsel.

This would matter little if it were not for the fact that for over two years now it has taken each and every check made out to me at least 10 days (from the date of postmark) to reach me at the General U.S. Post Office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I wish my bills would come in that slow!

If anyone from the AO is reading -and I hope you are- please bring this to the attention of those responsible at the AO and tell them that they should take advantage of the coming period of non-payments (yeah, I know, insufficient funds, again) to get the direct deposit part of the system working by the start of the next fiscal year. You can then even brag about saving trees!